How To Smash Winter Like a Proper Basic Bitch x

That extra layer of fat you wanted to shed all throughout summer will come in need in this freezing weather. Unless you're prepared to go out wearing next to nothing and look like a dickhead in winter, now is the time to embrace all the foods. Get fat n enjoy it and then put on a puffa jacket and blame the chub on the padding...


Everyone and I mean, everyone, was raving about how emotional and moving Five Foot Two was so I thought right okay, I'll give it a whack but JESUS, she's a fucking nightmare...

World Mental Health Day 2017

Now I know today's post was supposed to be a little chit chat about my recent trip to Disneyland Paris, and that will be coming later this week! However, I woke up today and realized it was World Mental Health Day and I thought I'd write about something a little more important. 

10 things you learn at uni (that have nothing to do with your course)

Some people were raised in a barn in every single sense of that saying. They'll leave their bedroom door open 24/7 leaving you to witness sights no one should have to, they'll chew with their mouths open and they'll leave their shit everywhere. Sometimes you'll reckon it would be easier to live with an actual animal. The … Continue reading 10 things you learn at uni (that have nothing to do with your course)