Czechin’ out Prague


Excuse the appalling pun.

As you may have seen from my Instagram (@edoubleryn, if you haven’t checked it out yet), I have recently visited Prague for the first time. Settle yourself down for a run through of the places that caught my eye and little tips and tricks of what to do if you’re heading there yourself.


Firstly, it’s not as cheap as people make out it is – sorry to crush your dreams of stumbling round Prague leathered and continuously fueled by 50p beers. Me and four friends went for three nights and I only took £150 worth of koruna’s (which is about 4,500 koruna) which was enough for our time there considering what we planned on doing. However, I was expecting to come back with change considering how cheap people were saying it was going to be! Drinks in bar’s are about the same price as they are back home and it took us a full 24 hours to find a bar or pub that sold the illusive 50p beers (I know, how on earth did we – five recent graduates, survive). Don’t be fooled by bars that seem to offer dead cheap spirits either – they don’t include the rip-off mixers. On our most drunken evening, we went to the Czech equivalent of a Tesco and my eyes filled up with utter joy as I found Desperado Reds for 70p. I was so overjoyed, it’s no wonder I got so drunk that night and ended up arguing with my best mate over day old leftover pizza. Moral of the story – if you’re not taking tonnes of funds but still want to end up a drunken show, stock up on pre’s from the supermarket.

Places to Drink 

Prior to our travels one of my friends had found a cocktail bar named after Ernest Hemingway and as four out of five of our group were English students and five out of five of us were cocktail enthusiasts, we decided it was a must on our first night. It’s rated #2 on Tripadvisors ‘Nightlife in Prague’ and I would say if you can get in, definitely do it. We didn’t really know what to expect when we eventually found ourselves inside the quaint bar (after getting lost down the many winding side streets) but once inside, it really is quite magical. We didn’t realise, but the bar is actually hard to get into; if there’s no seats and tables, you cant wait at the bar and instead, you have to wait outside until a seat becomes available. When we were given our cocktail menu’s, there was a list of bar rules that included not talking to other visitors who were not part of your group and no photographs (not something I was going to follow considering every cocktail consumed must be photographed or you haven’t actually been for ‘cocktails with the girls’). We arrived just as a place for five had become available so it was clearly destiny and the cocktails we ordered were definitely the most fancy cocktails we’d ever had. I ordered a ‘Magic Moment’ and with me being a little ditzy sometimes, I almost missed the magic. Without wanting to ruin it for anyone else, all I’ll say is, think about where your table mat is… Pricey but worth it.

Our next stop that we actually found accidentally, was The Dubliner Irish Pub (#11 according to Tripadvisor’s nightlife ratings). Should have been expected really but it was RAMMED with stag-do’s. Not necessarily a bad thing, just not ideal if you’re hoping for a quiet evening. It was super busy considering it was a Sunday, in fact everywhere was all week, but we still managed to find a seat for us all. There was a gorgeous girl singing who was actually amazing, can’t remember how many times we drunkenly said she should go on the X Factor, I mean who wouldn’t want to emulate the success of Steve Brookstein and JLS? What made the evening even more special was that on that evening back home, the One Love Manchester concert was taking place, which made the singers rendition of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ even more special. Side note though – all the staff were Irish, how does that happen?


On our ‘mad night’ we had pre-drinks at our gorgeous Airbnb apartment (trust me, it was that beautiful you wouldn’t want to leave it either) and then headed out to a couple of nightclubs that surrounded our main destination for the evening; Karlovy Lazne – a five floor superclub that describes itself as the largest nightclub in Central Europe. Like a lot of Prague, it was really strange. All the floors had different music playing which was great (although only three floors were open on a weekday), the drinks weren’t too pricey and there was a weird icy floor and an ice bar underground when you entered. We had a ball but that was perhaps more down to the company as opposed to the actual venue and as it costs 200 koruna I wouldn’t say its a must-do.


Touristy Stuff…


If you don’t choose to go to Prague solely to get pissed, there’s a lot to see and do and it really is a gorgeous city. We walked miles one day to cover all the places we wanted to visit on our list, including Charles Bridge (nice, but it is just a bridge at the end of the day). Prague’s castle; the largest in Europe is really magnificent and it’s YUUUUGE. After hiking miles uphill, which to be fair wasn’t as bad as I made out it was to my fitter friends, as we walked through the extremely safe security systems we were wondering why people were lying down taking photos. The castle though really is that big, you can’t even fit it in a single photograph without lying down (not something I was prepared to do, hence why my photograph ain’t that great). Although the rest of the grounds were a little boring, it’s free so definitely worth a visit (ten points if you find the statue with the golden penis).


What was even more fab, especially as me and my friends have just graduated from the University of Liverpool, was the John Lennon Wall. It’s the photo opportunity to knock off all photo opportunities and for graffiti, its really, really pretty. Its modern too, which is a bit of a relief from all the albeit gorgeous but historical buildings and I didn’t want to find out how, as I didn’t want to ruin the magic, but The Beatles’ music plays down the road. The wall itself has a great history to it and despite it being super busy, everyone was friendly in taking turns getting photographs by the doorway (which fyi, OPENS! We didn’t know this whilst we were there so I can’t comment on what it opens on to…). Definitely a must see and whilst you’re there pop down to the John Lennon Pub that’s about two minutes down the road – there’s one rude waitress but the beer garden is really cute.

If you fancy a casual drink overlooking the gorgeous city, try Letna beer garden, where the beer and food is ridiculously cheap and tasty. It’s all outdoors and really relaxing after a day of walking around the city although the toilets aren’t free and the toilet attendant can be a little rude/ psychotic.


  • Do not buy one of the trdelnik ice cream/donut/waffle cone things! They
  • 19489339_10155547817802431_929961191_n.jpg may look gorge and make for a great Instagram post but they’re minging and despite being made fresh in front of you – the dough thing (NOT a donut) tastes stale.
  • What I found a little disheartening about walking around the city was the fact that the cities homeless people literally lie down in front of you almost like they’re bowing. It’s really sad and definitely made me feel uncomfortable.
  • There’s a lot of Italian places to eat which for me, meant I consumed more pizza during them three days than I had this past year at uni living down the road from a Domino’s.
  • Everyone basically speaks English and they’re super friendly!
  • I’d definitely recommend booking an Airbnb; we got a ten bedroom gorgeous apartment that overlooked the whole city, in the city center for three nights and it cost us £70 each. My friend went on a bit of a mad one and ended up drunkenly booking a hotel room for one night which cost her upwards of £100 – not ideal.

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