Charlotte Tilbury product review (part 1)


For my 21st birthday party last year, my sisters booked me in to get my makeup done at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in our closest John Lewis (I really do have the best sisters). This was where my true love for CT began and I loved my makeup so much I’ve over the months bought nearly every product the girl who did my makeup that evening used.



One of the best CT purchases I’ve made is the Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette – it’s gorgeous, especially on blue eyes. Charlotte’s eye shadow palettes come with four shades and each shade has a particular use – prime, enhance, smoke and pop. They’re super blendable and so easy to use to create a gorgeous smokey reddy-golden eye. They retail for £39 which I’ll admit is quite steep considering that Huda Beauty’s Rose Gold Palette sells for £56 for eighteen shades. However, what makes CT’s palette’s unique is that the colours are already pre-selected to create a certain type of eye look that even a makeup novice wouldn’t be able to recreate.

In regards to the shades, the prime colour sits quite darker than it looks in the palette, so even though it appears like a gorgeous highlighting colour, it isn’t. The red enhance shade and brown smoke shade are gorgeous and again so easy to blend and create a gorgeous smoke. Most of the eyeshadow palettes pop shades are somewhat similar to the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette’s glitter shades, however, I would argue that Huda Beauty’s are more creamier in texture. To apply the glitter shade, I always use my finger as it can be hard to get a good level of pigmentation with a brush. Overall, if there’s a certain look that you love by Charlotte Tilbury, I would definitely recommend buying the palette as they make it super easy to recreate and the eyeshadows are extremely good quality.

21040370_10155735682137431_849764730_n (2)

The long-lasting cream eyeshadow pots are also amazing and worth the money. They cost £22 and they’re so luxurious and long-lasting. I have one in the shade Jean and the golden colour again makes blue eyes pop. That’s another thing I love about CT products – they’re designed with specific eye colours in mind so that you can create an eye look that will make your eyes shine. Again, in regards to application my personal preference is to apply the product with my fingers across the whole eye. Whilst the pot’s are obviously only one shade, they’re so multi-tonal, it doesn’t look like you just have one shade of eyeshadow on. These are great on their own or with an eyeshadow palette – I often use mine as a base before I use the Dolce Vita palette as it creates a gorgeous golden base for the powder shadows.

20987996_10155735681997431_1003282747_n (2)

One product that I can’t cope with in regards to how bad it is, is the eyeliners. Considering I basically LOVE everything else CT creates, the eyeliners are shocking. No matter how many times and different ways I try to apply the eyeliner, it always always smudges and then is an absolute nightmare to get off. The Rock and Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in ‘Bedroom Black’ is really pigmented and I always have high hopes for it, but every time it ends up a mess (and I can apply eyeliner generally FYI). Even when I apply it to the lash line, it clumps up my eyelashes which never happens with any other brand. Overall, at £19 a go its a definite no.

21039471_10155735682087431_55792230_n (2)

Another product I do love however is the Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Stick in Champagne Diamonds. This isn’t a product that was used on the above look but I’d seen the sticks for a while and adored this shade. Again, this product is ideal for blue eyes, but there are shades for every other eye colour. These are £19 and are super pigmented, smudge-able (but not messy), creamy sticks that are blend-able and really gorgeous. This particular shade I love in the inner corner of my eyes.

All in all for eyes, you can’t really go wrong with CT products. You can go into any store and build an ‘easy to replicate’ look using a multitude of different products that will make your particular eye colour pop! Just avoid the eyeliners…

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