Charlotte Tilbury product review (part 2)

Back at it again with the CT reviews…



Charlotte’s Magic Cream is exactly what it says on the tin – absolutely fucking magic. I remember the girl on the beauty counter telling me that the cream had the same effect on your skin as drinking 8 glasses of water but at £70 a pop for 50mls, it was definitely one to add to the Christmas list – sorry mum. I would say its worth every penny though, you can feel how good the quality is and it really does perk up your skin. I always use it when I’m applying my makeup as it primes the skin perfectly but I also use it to make myself feel more human after I’ve smashed in a few too many G&T’s – it makes my skin feel less ruined which is 100% magic in my eyes.


Without sounding like an absolute fan girl I also love this. A LOT. The Wonder Glow Face Primer is so versatile, you use it on top of your foundation as a highlight or on it’s own (I envisioned myself on holiday being all tanned and only needing a little touch of this stuff to give me a subtle glow but I ended up burnt to a fucking crisp so that ruined that fantasy). I mix mine with the CT foundation as it makes the consistency less thick and so so pretty. Just a shame it’s £38.50 and although its super gorgeous I can’t validate paying that much for a primer. Another one for the Christmas list…


I use the CT Magic Foundation and one from Nars depending on how much coverage I want. I find this CT one is buildable but overall looks a lot more natural than the one from Nars which is a lot higher coverage. The consistency of this alone is quite thick and almost chalky but I don’t mind it dries my skin out at all, it’s just a strange formula but when it’s mixed with the Wonder Glow its more typical of a foundations consistency. There’s tonnes of shades with such subtle differences that I went through maybe three/four bottles in a year and changed shades every time as I was tanned at one point etc. Plenty of choice!


This was the product that started my love for CT prior to me getting my makeup done there. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow, £49.50 is a highlighter and sculpting bronzer duo that makes you look like you’re in candle light. The bronzer isn’t as obvious as the Benefit Hoola Bronzer (which I also love) which is nice because you can build on it for an evening or subtly ‘sculpt’ your face for the day (I’m having to use a lot of heavy ‘sculpting’ ATM to disguise my chins/lack of cheek bones). The highlighter is great too and I remember using it for the first time and being so impressed because it looks genuinely pretty on without being glaringly obvious.



I don’t really have a leg to stand on commenting on CT lipsticks because she has SO MANY and I’ve only sampled one. There’s the new Hollywood Lip’s range (which looks AMAZING), the Hot Lip’s collection, the Matte Revolution Collection and this is Coachella Coral from her K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection, £24. It’s hydrating, a nice colour and you can’t argue that when it comes to variety, CT has a shade and texture for everybody.


This I love. It’s absolutely battered because it’s one of my favorite lip glosses – the Lip Lustre in shade Seduction. This is the lip gloss that comes as part of the Dolce Vita look and its such a lovely shade and not sticky at alllllll, ah I’m obsessed. Definitely worth the £16.50 price tag.


This is a mini brush set, £45 that I received again, as a gift – I’m dead lucky me. Like all of her products, they’re gorgeously packed and they’re the softest brushes I’ve ever encountered, I think they’re made from real hair (tad creepy) but can’t be sure. They’re all really useful and I’ve never encountered any fall out of anything regardless of how much I batter them. Big fan.

Overall, Charlotte Tilbury make up isn’t cheap but I feel like the quality each product has make’s the expense worth it. They’re all wrapped in vintage gold packaging and they truly do feel like luxuries so whether you can splurge on them now or save for a future purchase, the product’s are an investment into stuff that looks great and looks better on. If you’re interested in any of the products I’ve mentioned the CT website is super helpful and of course there’s the more experienced girls on the CT counters that can help. Plus if you’re planning on purchasing anything, you can book in for a makeover for £30 and receive that money back to spend on products – basically a free makeover WINNER.

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