If ‘The Girls’ were cocktails…

If there’s two things that go hand in hand on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s The Girls and cocktails – so which bevvy suits who’s personality?

Kir Royale – champagne and chambord

This gal likes to believe she’s the classy one of the group with the most expensive taste and the most expensive handbag – a night down the local spoons will not do. Although a sweetheart, this girl’s resting bitch face is ruthless when it comes to clocking other girls across the bar. Refuses to join in on the crude talk until she’s a few glasses down when it all starts coming out.

N.B this girl’s likely to switch it up with an Aperol Spritz in summertime.

Rose Spritzer – what it says on the lid

Firstly, this isn’t a cocktail however, the girl who orders this is the wet lettuce of the group who can’t drink cocktails because she once got leathered on a girls holiday to Magaluf and hasn’t hacked alcohol since. Always the first to suggest calling it a night and more than 80% likely to be arguing with her cheating boyfriend.

The Zombie – 3 types of rum, orange curacao liqueur, grenadine, lime, lemon and orange juice, passion fruit puree

This girl is an absolute liability on a night out. She has a liver of steel that’ll never pack in regardless of how many of these lethal concoctions she knocks back. Zombie is likely to push the group into going to a grimy nightclub before jumping on the tables and getting everyone kicked out. Again. Rose Spritzer girl’s worst nightmare, this hun is more than likely to one day wake up in a police cell…

Pina Colada – white rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, lime  juice

The cocktail so popular they wrote a song about it (if you like pina colada’s…). This girl is an equally popular taste of paradise, who knows where to draw a line before things get too sickly. The mum of the group, Pina Colada girl is a little bit nutty but a whole lot calming, a walking holiday that sorts the group out before Zombie get’s arrested and Rose Spritzer starts crying about her fella.

Pornstar Martini – vodka, passion fruit puree, prosecco

Oi, oi we all know where this one’s going. This fruity girl is the flirt of the group – the one who turns every ‘girl’s night out’ into a man hunt. Gorgeous and glamorous, this gal always gets attention on night’s out and is always there to help Rose Spritzer get over her latest boyfriend troubles. This tart with a heart is more than likely to miss the end of the night cheesy chips run, but is just as likely to fill the group chat with tonnes of goss the next day…

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