Five Books I Read This Summer…

I’ve finally got around to writing a review of five of the books I took away with me on my summer holiday this year. I went away for a week and read a book every day – that’s what three years of an English Literature degree will do for you. These are five of them…

  1. The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

I loved this book, a lot. It’s a story about a married couple whose baby daughter goes missing one night whilst they’re with, you guessed it – the couple next door. I think I read this book the fastest because the twists in it are so good you literally can’t put it down. After reading The Girl on the Train last year, I think this filled my domestic thriller void with the female lead’s motives and character always being questioned. The only issue I have – the ending. I hate cliff hangers, especially when I’m as invested into a novel as I was with this!

2. Paris for One (and Other Stories) by Jojo Moyes

I’ve read a few Jojo Moyes books (and the woman wrote Me Before You – you can’t really go wrong picking up one of her books at the airport) so I had high hopes for this collection of short stories. And it didn’t disappoint. The title story Paris for One was a definite favorite – Moyes’ protagonist loses all her inhibitions on what can only be described as an ideal night in Paris. Some of her stories felt a little aimless but there’s always a moral and message to them if that’s your type of thing.

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

My mum bought me this fable for Christmas a few years ago but me being one: weighed down with compulsory reading for my degree and two: being a lazy twat, never got around to reading it fully.  So whilst on holiday this year I got stuck into it. It’s an easy read and a really nice story with an amazing message – there were parts of it that I wanted to highlight and laminate and stick to my mirror to motivate me to do my best every day. It might feel like a bit of waffle at times but stick with it, Santiago’s story makes sense in the end and resonates with every reader regardless of what your dream is. It’s easy to see why this book has such a cult following, I’ll definitely read it again.

4. Never Never by James Patterson

Don’t get me wrong I love a thriller but I’m not really into crime novels, especially when they’re gory and a bit gruesome (I’m a bit of a fanny). However, I lent this book off my ma to fill my ‘I’ve-read-all-my-holiday-books-in-half-the-expected-time-plz-help’ void and it was fab. It’s one of them books that you can imagine would make a decent film and I closed the book as a fan of good old JP. I’ll get round to reading some more of his novels when I stop procrastinating…

5) Because I Was Lonely by Hayley Mitchell

Not gonna lie, this book may have slightly put me off having kids. Not one of the novels four protagonists seemed happy about their screaming brats and their immediate desire to rush to social media to suffice their desire to relive their youth knocked me a tad sick. It’s a good book, a little strange but definitely a curious, good read. The characters were very depressing though, not one of them was happy and they all were going through some form of midlife crisis which as a gal in her early twenties filled me with ageing dread. The ending left a few lose ends I wish could have been tied up but this is one of the very very rare occasions where I enjoyed the cliff hanger ending.



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