The Lazy Girls Guide to Cleaning Make-Up Brushes…

It’s a task that many of us don’t enjoy but one that’s DEAD necessary to ensure our makeup goes on beautifully, none-patchily and to prevent us getting spots. Not gonna lie, I’m really bad at getting off my arse and washing my brushes but this cleaning hack has made it so much easier.


  • a bowl of hot/warm water
  • a splash of washing up liquid
  • clothes liquid detergent (I use Bold 2 in 1)

Then all you need to do is grab your dirty brushes and quickly whisk them around the bowl. The mix will smell gorge and I’m not lying, your brushes will be sparkling like they’re brand new in about five seconds. Thicker makeup brushes such as blusher and foundation brushes may take a little longer depending on how long it’s been since they were last washed but you can do your eyeshadow brushes in groups of three since this nifty cleaning solution is that good. It even cleans out beauty blenders – I let mine float about the mixture whilst I’m cleaning and then repeatedly squeeze out the moisture until its sparkling.

Obviously swill the brushes under cool clean water once the makeup stains have been washed out. This is a hack that will save you so much time and effort, you can thank me later…

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