The Best Things About Being a Fresher

Whilst you most definitely won’t get your 9k worth of tuition (in case I haven’t mentioned before, university is ridiculously overpriced – 9/10 you’ll end up teaching yourself your modules), you’ll 100% get your money’s worth in experience when you go to university. Here’s a somewhat brief list of the best things to expect when you flee the nest and get thrown head first into student life…

Meeting people

You’ll meet so many people it’ll be overwhelming, many of which you’ll rapidly add on Facebook and then never speak to again, some you’ll neck during freshers week and spend the next year avoiding and a very few you’ll stick with till the day you graduate. Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to moving into new residential halls so freshers week is the perfect time to mingle with everyone, even the weird hippies that aren’t ‘your type of people’ – as cliche as it is, you change so much in the three years of uni its better not to pigeonhole yourself. Some people you’ll love, some you’ll hate but they all shape your university experience so try to rise above shoving hate mail under their bedroom door when they’re shagging too loud/ invited more randomers round to do drugs/ pissed in the kitchen. Whilst you’re there to get a degree, prepare yourself for a career blah blah blah, the friends you make at university really shape your experience so throw yourself head first into meeting people like you would do an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Decorating your uni room

Ayyyy, so you’ve finally got yourself some personal space in your new uni room (with even perhaps an en suite if you’re lucky) – time to get yourself down to Uni Square and stock up on some really deep and edgy posters. And fairy lights. And photos of back home so that you don’t forget what everyone looks like/ show how popular you were to all your new uni friends. Time to really express the new university educated you, until you’re sick to death of the posters falling down and the RA’s seize your fairy lights for being a “serious health and safety hazard”.

Free Dominoes

Yeah that’s right. Free Dominoes is worth paying 9k for one year of university in my opinion and every Freshers and Refreshers (back to uni in January after Christmas break) you get a free pizza plus there’s always offers on for students. Fuck your friends, this is one of the hardest things to say goodbye to once you graduate.

Student Discount Day

This should be a Bank Holiday for students. All the best high street shops (even Victoria’s Secret) and often some restaurants have anything between 20%-50% off and other offers and raffles etc. It’s amazing and always coincides with Loan Day aka the happiest day in the student calendar (unless you’re one of them “student loans are a joke I don’t get enough money because mummy and daddy are minted” – listen Sebastian, don’t piss on other people’s parades just get an overdraft ***eyerolls***). Treat yourself, you made 70% of your lectures this week, blow all your money in Topshop and Zara and live on noodles like a normal student.

It doesn’t even count!!

First year of university doesn’t count, at least for most courses! Now, you obviously don’t want to get yourself kicked off your course for low attendance and look like the class dunce when it comes to doing your class presentations. However, you have so much freedom knowing that it doesn’t really matter if you balls up one assignment. You’re not going to remember every single lecture you go to but you’re gonna remember your fresher nights out (unless the vodka hits too hard), so in first year take advantage of the freedom and go on that random Monday night out and skip your Tuesday tutorial. Fuck it Freshers, be free.



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