Why Everyone Should Study in Liverpool

Its just the right sized city

Just like Goldilocks looking for just the right bowl of porridge, you’ll have hit the jackpot with Liverpool as it’s just the right sized city. It’s small enough for you to walk ten minutes from University campus and find yourself in one of the best (and largest) outdoor shopping centres in the world. You’re right by the docks, the shops, the libraries – everything is on your doorstep. Luckily though, it’s big enough that you’re not likely to bump into an ex. Take it from someone who lived in the same building as theirs and only bumped into them once- Liverpool, you’re a gooden.

There’s stuff on EVERY night

Yep, for all you student pissheads (I’m a jealous and really bitter I’m a graduate), there’s something on every single night. Raz Monday’s (DO NOT wear nice shoes, you have been warned), Level Wednesday’s (make the most of this – it’s pretty much only acceptable to go if you’re a fresher and I miss it more than my uni friends), Heebie Jeebie’s on a Thursday… There’s so much going on your liver won’t know whats hit it. If you’re not into drinking, which may I say is very commendable and wise, Liverpool is one of the most diversely cultured cities in Britain with comedy clubs, multicultural restaurants, theater’s, cinemas, museums, the list is endless – you won’t be bored.

Bongo’s Bingo started there

Yeah, that’s right and if you don’t know what Bongo’s Bingo is you’re out the fucking loop hun. I won’t spoil it for you (double-ended dildo’s at the ready) but it’s definitely a must-do when at uni and beyond. Plus, there’s Ghetto Golf – an over 18’s golf course you can get leathered on and at Christmas they have the cutest markets (think Manchester but without the 9.7 million people blocking your route).


Liverpool is one of the friendliest cities and one of the least pretentious too, the University of Liverpool has the highest intake of students from comprehensive schools out of all the red-brick uni’s. The whole city is friendly too, so if like me, you get drunk and lost on your first night in the city (which I DO NOT recommend), you’ll likely find yourself put in a taxi by a friendly local. There’s a reason why most famous Scousers are popular, it’s not in their blood to be a knobhead.

There’s Uber’s everywhere

Enough said.

It’s fucking gorgeous

It’s a stunning city with so much beautiful architecture and old buildings to visit for example, the bombed out church, which is exactly what it says on the tin. You can even do morning yoga there and sweat out that hangover. You can make the most of the STUNNIN views around you by taking a trip up the Radio City tower where you’ll see Liverpool in all its glory. For all you Insta lovers (like moi), there’s a million and one places to take Insta-worthy shots like the new angel wings streets art on Jamaica Street.

Overall, Liverpool is an absolute diamond when it comes to moving away to study, its beautiful, edgy and friendly and on top of all that it has one of the fastest growing UK economies outside of London. Look – job prospects! If you go to Liverpool Uni, you’re basically guaranteed a BELTER three years.


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