Saturday’s Slap (and my new brow technique!)

Last Saturday I decided to turn my back on my beloved Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette and go back to good old faithful – my Charlotte Tilbury ‘Dolce Vita’ palette which I adore (for more on Charlotte Tilbury products I’ve done a product review a while back). The Dolce Vita palette is the best thing for blue eyes without a doubt, nothing makes them ‘pop’ more. It’s definitely worth the money too, despite there only being four shades in the palette, compared to Huda’s eighteen it’s really all you need and the quality of the shadows are equally as good as the Huda palette (however, the ‘pop’ shade in CT’s – a gold glitter isn’t as creamy as Huda’s glitters which is a given – nothing can top their texture).


This is pre-eyelashes and lippy and my hair turban is a god send, OK.

For my brows, grim as it is I’ve used an eyeshadow shade from a Benefit gift set I received in about 2000. So, with it dawning on me that I need to stop being grim I decided to try out their Brow Zings eyebrow palette. I’d tried this a while back but found that 1. my sausage fingers and their ridiculously tiny brushes aren’t a match made in heaven and 2. it was really hard to spread the product evenly through the brow without looking like I’d sharpied them. However, now I’ve found a solution. I used an old eyebrow taming brush and patted it into the creamy darker side of the product and them combed it through my brows and then when they were darker and in the shape I wanted I filled them in slightly with the powder side of the palette (unfortunately with the godforsaken mini brush). As someone who prides themselves on their brows I would say it was amazing and reallllllly simple.


Can you see that tiny brush? Nah, I thought not…

Finally, my last revelation of the evening (makeup related) was my Primark eyelashes. When I was a teenager I used to obsess over their £1 eyelashes because they stuck on, they were alright and they were a quid for fucks sake (although the glue was basically piss). Then, I turned my back and invested in Eyelure because they’re better quality, reuseable and have more natural styles. However, I stumbled upon a set of Primark eyelashes that may have changed my life. These (pictured below), are on a clear band which makes a whole world of difference when it comes to looking natural and the lashes on each strip different in length. They were AMAZING and stayed on all night despite one blip which may have had more to do with my wind-watery eyes than the quality of the lash and even more importantly, they’re still a quid. 


Off to stock up on a lifetime supply…

Overall, a very good evening in makeup terms (all this effort to look good on the night and then as soon as I’ve got a gin down my neck it all goes to shit). Here’s the finished look, without the turban…




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