Last week I went to Disneyland Paris for my twin sisters’ birthday and it was absolutely brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular. Despite being quite the Disney Princess fan, I wasn’t really eager to go and hadn’t really resented the fact my mum hadn’t taken me when I was younger (WHICH I NOW MASSIVELY DO!!!). Once we’d arrived however, that all changed.


The Hotel

We stayed at the Disney Newport Bay Club Hotel (the 2nd best out of the seven official Disney Hotels) and it was gorgeous and instantly gave off the ‘Disney magic’ feelssss. The reception was pristine and it had a nautical theme which reminded me more of the Titanic than Disney but I’m not complaining. All the staff were exceptionally lovely, the food in the hotel was nice (I’m not a mad fan for eating abroad at all really – quite the fussy bastard) and it was really close to the parks – if you exit out the back door close to the restaurant its about a ten minute walk which is alongside Lake Disney. Or, if you can’t be arsed there’s apparently a handy shuttle bus service, but we didn’t use that.


It’s just so stunnin **cries in French**

The Parks

There are two parks in Disneyland Paris; Disneyland Park (aka the prinny one) which five different sections – Adventureland, Frontierland, Main St USA, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. The Walt Disney Studios Park has four sections – Backlot, Production Courtyard, Toon Studio and Toy Playland.

The Rides

I hate roller-coasters; adrenaline junky – thou art not. However, there are seven big roller-coasters across the two Disney parks and I had the misfortune of hopping on three of them. The first was Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland which was pretty much your average roller-coaster and to be fair, probably didn’t require the drama that I created when going on it. The second was Crush’s Coaster in Toon Studio which was a ride that was like nothing I’d been on before; I thought it would be a nice little lazy river-style ride with all the cute little fish from Finding Nemo. WRONG. You drop and spin and 22472768_10155875243942431_308362084_n.jpghurtle round like a dead fish going down the loo – HARROWING. However, nothing compares to the hell that is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Production Courtyard. This was the most traumatic ride I’ve ever been on and I don’t think I could be paid to hop back on it. It’s really cool to be fair, in the way the lift takes you on a journey of a haunted hotel/ lift however, whats not cool is the speed and the rate at which the ride picks the lift up and drops you back again. And then you go right to the top and the ride opens the lift windows to show you THE WHOLE OF DISNEYLAND PARK. Let’s just say the ride photograph was unprintable as my arse was hanging out my mouth. (F.Y. I. the other people I was with on this trip loved the rides however, as aforementioned I am a wet lettuce.)


Me, meeting the baddest bitch in Disneyland.

The Highlights

  • We went at Halloween time, so there were loads of ‘villains’ about the park to take pictures with and Halloween decorations all around Frontierland, complete with real live music from a mariachi band.
  • The parades were amazing and made me cry. The Villains parade was on regularly throughout the afternoon and that was BRILLIANT and featured Minnie and Micky in their Halloween costumes. Then the evenings Disney parade was amazing and didn’t bore at all no matter how many times you watched it. All the Disney characters from the favorite films come by on floats with music and dancers and ITS JUST FANTASTIC OKAY.
  • The Disney Princess Waltz was for me, the highlight of the trip. I am such a big Disney Princess fan, I fan-girled and cried when Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Rapunzel and Aurora came out and then their prince joined them (soz if your fave prin wasn’t included – my sisters fave is Mulan and she was nowhere to be seen). It was just beautiful and magical and took me right back to being six years old again.
  • At the end of the day, the castle has a Disney Illuminations show which is honestly breath-taking and I’m not even being over-dramatic. The castle gets shut off two hours before and there’s an amazing fire-work display and projection onto the castle which features snippets of the films. It’s just amazing. We saw it one night and joined the crowd quite late and then on our last night we wanted a better view so we waited for an hour and a half in the rain to be at the front of the crowd to watch it and IT WAS WORTH IT. 


    There were tonnes of hidden Tinkerbell’s around the park to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary this year.

  • Disneyland Paris is the only park which has a dragon in their castle and it moves…
  • The Princess Pavillion is where you can meet a princess. It’s better to do this at the start of the day (if you stay in one of the Disney Hotels you get early entrance into the parks) as the queues are really long. We met Belle and Snow White and as a big prin fan again, I would say the waiting is worth it just make sure to ask the attendants which princess it is before you queue up.
  • Best place to eat would be Annette’s Diner. The staff wear roller-skates (easily impressed) and the burgers are amazing and taste like you’d get back home for all you fellow fussy bastards out there.
  • We went Buffalo Bills one night which was a real experience. I’m glad we went (although beware, fellow asthma sufferers it’s not great due to there being real animals in there with hay etc.) as it was something different and entertaining however, the narrative was at times hard to follow and the situation with the food was a ballache. It was described as being all-you-can-drink-beer which is right up my street however, you basically get whatever is brought to you at the time and when I asked for a refill I was told it was too late and it was water only. I stopped myself from shouting ‘FUCK OFF’ and accepted the water. Plus, the food was brought out at random times and it all felt a little chaotic. If you’re not a big meat eater, maybe give this one a pass.


    The highlight of the trip for me, the Disney Princess Waltz.



Sleeping Beauty’s castle has the most beautiful stain glass windows.

There’s something for everyone at Disneyland Paris. I wasn’t a big fan of the Walt Disney Studios Park however, there are good rides to do (if you’re into that) and the Studio Tram Tour is quite good. Where the magic really lies is the Disneyland Park. From the minute you walk in it really does feel magical and there’s people of all ages there enjoying the amazing rides and entertainment the park has to offer. It was truly one of the best weeks ever and I would return again in a heartbeat.

Also, in terms of how busy it was – the week we went was defined as a ‘green week’ which is the best week to go in terms of how packed it’s gonna be. That being said, we had to queue for about an hour if not more for the big rides and meeting the princesses and the crowds during the Illuminations were large. It didn’t bother us but lord help those on a ‘black week’…



For more photo’s check out my Instagram – @edoubleryn and if you have any questions, comment below!

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