Here’s a list of the stuff I watched on Netflix this past month…

What Happened to Monday?

This film follows a set of identical septuplets who struggle to survive in a world which prohibits families from having more than one child due to overpopulation and food shortage. I loved this film which diverted from the often used, terribly stereotypical baddie, nerd and damsel in distress portrayals of women and instead, reflected and embraced the shade and light and various qualities diverse women possess. The film also raises valid questions about overpopulation and humanities greedy and selfish nature and without spoiling anything, left me questioning who was really wrong and right in the end.


Potentially one of the best series’ I’ve ever watched, including those not on Netflix. I watched the first episode and thought it was seriously cringe but by episode three I was obsessed and slightly in love with Tommy. Yeah, it’s slightly inconceivable at times but it’s so good, often funny and sometimes very emotional (end of series four anyone?). Well worth a binge.


Doctor Foster

Everyone raved about Suranne Jones’ portrayal of a betrayed wife and doctor in this series and all I could think is ‘isn’t that the one who got called “barren Karen” on Corrie?’. Turns out it is and she’s actually a very good actress. I have yet to watch the second series (not on Netflix), but since it’s been slated and I feel that the first series came to a natural end, I’m not in much rush to. PS. this series is ideal if you’ve been cheated on cos all men are rats!!! 

Jack Whitehall Gets Around

Funny as fuck. If you like Jack Whitehall, that is.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Everyone and I mean, everyone, was raving about how emotional and moving Five Foot Two was so I thought right okay, I’ll give it a whack. I’m was a fan of Gaga, I liked her music and the fact she seemed to drum to her own beat etc. but JESUS, she’s a fucking nightmare. I would have turned the shite off had I not been waiting for the moment where she stops behaving like a conceited dickhead and shows genuine emotion – which never came. It was appalling. I cry at anything so it’s not like I’m being a heartless bitch but everything seemed so contrived. Highlights of this include; Gaga taking her fake teeth out and handing them to a runner whilst filming American Horror Story – slobber included without so much as glancing at the poor girl. Also, the most painfully awkward scene in which she plays a song she wrote for her deceased aunt Joanne for her nan who seems like a tough little cookie and could be the highlight of the diabolical show herself. I still cringe thinking about the way Gaga practically pushed the phone into her nan’s face whilst begging her with her eyes to shed a tear to make the whole thing more authentic and emotive. She just doesn’t come across at all like-able. From the way she bitches to dancers and designers prior to her Superbowl performance, ensuring everyone knows she’s the only one that matters in the whole production, to her talking to one of her fans attempting to show she truly cares about them then abruptly walking out on her, to her sycophantic attitude towards Flavour of the Month Mark Ronson (who I feel she used to try and reflect an edgier, cooler Gaga). It’s a shit-show, doesn’t work, horrendously painful to watch and put me right off the brat.

The Circle

Don’t watch it. Emma Watson can’t act. Dead boring.

What the Health

A documentary that makes you think about what you’re really putting in your body. As a conspiracy theory lover, I loved the way it criticized health charities and services for advertising meat as being part of a healthy diet when a lot of it is classed as a carcinogenic (are they trying to kill us all off? oooo). I’m too lazy to read the facts myself so can’t decide whether or not to believe what the documentary is saying or leave it as propaganda-pushing selected statistics but regardless, it’s very informative. Made me want to be a vegan for like, a day and definitely put me off drinking milk. Apart from when I need a coffee.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

I love Amy Schumer forever and ever. She’s unapologetic, a little gross and really fucking funny and the fact she starts her show bringing out a bottle of wine (no glass necessary) makes me love her even more. Plus, any gal that can rock an all leather look on stage in front of a crowd of people deserves some props.

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