Skincare: Makeup removal…

Not gonna lie, I used to think that taking your makeup off before bed was a myth. Okay, yeah it’s grim waking up the following morning with a smeared smokey eye all over your pillow but still, I didn’t think not taking your makeup off before bed was that detrimental to your skincare. Whilst there have been plenty of times I’ve been too lazy or too drunk to grab even so much as a makeup wipe before bed, recently I’ve seen the aftermath of such bone-idleness. It may be because my skins getting older and may be more sensitive to certain things but either way, if I sleep in my makeup now, my skin looks shocking the next day and I break out in a couple of spots. Not ideal. Having heard from skincare experts that makeup wipes simply push the product into your pores (ew), here’s the products that I use regularly to take my makeup off thoroughly before bed…

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Water 400ml – £3.29

What did people actually use before micellar water and which God actually created it? I love this stuff as its really gentle but takes a whole lot of makeup off and it’s a bargain. It doesn’t cause any reactions on my skin and feels just like water – there’s no sticky residue left over like some makeup removers. They also sell a variety of their micellar water for different skin types (how kind of them) and also sell a mini travel-sized bottle which is perfect for when you go and stay at your mates house – NO excuses for not taking off your slap now!

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover – £26.00

When I recieved my Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara for Christmas last year, I also got a mini bottle of this in the gift set. It’s amazing. Again, its super gentle on the skin (which is obviously necessary for the eye area) and its so powerful! You simply shake the bottle to mix the two separated liquids, apply a little to a cotton wool pad and bobs your uncle your smokey eye has vanished. I use this after my micellar water as for one, its more expensive and two, it takes off all the residue that micellar water sometimes might not. You know when you’ve had fake eyeslashes on and there’s a bit of glue on your eyelid that just will not budge? This makeup remover does the trick easily. It literally gets rid of everything and leaves you looking fresh faced (even if you’re not feeling it). I LOVE IT and its well worth the money.

Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml – £18.00

This is a cult product and it’s easy to see why. It contains glycolic acid, ginseng and aloe vera which leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing. Not to be used on the eyes obviously (acid + eyes = no go and besides, that’s what the Bi-Facil is for!) but you can use it across your whole face either daily or whenever needed. I use it every other day and it really does make my skin look more radiant whilst also feeling extremely cleansed. I always feel more confident going makeup free when I’ve used this as people always comment on how much more ‘glowy’ my skin looks. Definitely a top pick!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 50ml – £70.00

Okay, this is obviously a luxury purchase and I only get it for Christmas and my birthday off my overly generous family but it really truly is a luxury in every sense of the word. It smells divine, feels gorgeous on the skin and literally transforms skin from tired and dull looking to gorgeous and healthy. I’m not big into buying expensive skincare – if something cheaper makes my skin feel and look great then that’s all that matters, but this product truly is magical and worth every penny. It feels like I’ve had a luxury facial after I use it and really wakes up my complexion. Plus, if you use it before makeup too, it doubles up as a primer! Again, the price tag isn’t for everyone but I definitely recommend popping into your local CT counter and asking to sample a bit to see how great it is for yourself!

And that’s what I use to take off my makeup! Let me know if you’ve used any of these products too…


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