OPI Nail Varnish (Part 1)

I love a bargain; I could spend hours in TK Maxx (which, to be fair you have to to find all the good stuff) and I love getting amazing quality products at a discount. Hence why when I stumbled upon the OPI collections on QVC the other day I had to get this amazing set.


This is the ‘Love OPI XOXO’ collection – perfect in time for winter! Inside you get four full sized (15ml) festive themed nail lacquers:

  • ‘Adam said “It’s New Years, Eve!”‘ – this is the perfect red shade I’ve been searching for for FOREVER.
  • ‘Feel the Chemis-tree’ – a glittery deep plum shade.
  • ‘Coalmates’ – a deep midnight navy glittery shade.
  • ‘Ornament to Be Together’ – glittery silver.

These colours are all oerfect for the upcoming party season and the red shade alone is basically the new love of my life. Unlike some glittery nail varnishes, these glittery shades are really easy to remove and not messy at all – life saver. I love the fact that these nail varnishes are amazing quality and long-lasting. The silver shade is the only one that really requires a second coat but the rest of these nail varnishes solely require one which is a complete time-saver.

Also included in this gift set is:

  • An OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener in the shade ‘Pink to Envy’ (15ml) – Nail Envy is the reason I really got into OPI nail varnishes. They’re amazing at making your nails stronger and even one coat makes your nails look and feel much healthier. Also, although this is a ‘shade’ of nail envy, its still a clear polish so you can wear this on it’s own if you want to go colour free – it’ll just make your nails look glossier.
  • An OPI Plumping and Volumizing top coat (15ml) – I was a little bit sceptical about this as at first I didnt really recognise it was doing much. However, when you compare a nail that has this topcoat on and a nail that doesnt, you can really see the difference. This top coat makes your nails look like shellac and I would say it helps stopthe nail from chipping.
  • OPI Drip Drop Drying Drops (8ml) – I love this! I’d never used drying drops before and didn’t really expect them to work – but they do (if you don’t load too much polish onto them!). After a minute they make your nail feel so smooth and glossy – I’m obsessed. My mum on the other hand moaned they didn’t work and naturally went OTT moaning that she felt the drops were ‘sinking into her cuticles’ and somehow wanted me to control the drops (presumably with my mind) from touching her skin. What she didn’t know is that the drops contain jojoba and vitamin E which are excellent for keeping your cuticles healthy and gorge so I definitely feel a thank you is in order drama queen Lis.

So in total you get six full sized polishes and nail drying drops. Usually the nail lacquers retail for £12.95 and the nail envy is usually £19.50 so, for all that the total amount is £71.30 without the volumizing topcoat or drip dry drops – steep, I know. But this whole gift set was £40. It comes in a really cute gift box and it’s amazing quality and value for money. I would definitely recommend either treating yourself or someone you love this Christmas and it’s such a brilliant gift!

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