Not Giving Up in the Hunt for a New Job.

Okay, so writing and blogging has definitely taken a backseat for the past month. 

This is for a couple of reasons, but the primary reason is that I have finally got a new job!

After graduating in July (and for months before then) I spent a lot of time stressing and panicking about what I was going to do after I left Uni. I didn’t want to commit myself to a grad scheme because there was nothing out there that really excited me.

I was approached by a graduate head hunter who sets up “eligible graduates with their ideal jobs”. Working for an online discounts shop that rhymes with Bowcher wasn’t really my ideal job, but I still spent hours planning, preparing and travelling to the interview. I made it through the first stage (some arrogant Tory was booted out half way through – sorry hun) and then I was told to await feedback. That never came. 

I was approached on LinkedIn to go for a job as a MIT in Hollister and despite not shopping there and not really fancying another job in retail I traveled over to the nearest store (twice), planned and prepared my questions and answers and passed the first stage. At the second stage of the interview I was told the girl interviewing me was really impressed and again, told to await feedback. That never came. 

I went to interviews for jobs that I knew I didn’t really want, just because I felt so much pressure to have a career or something that made the mountain of student debt worth it (even though I went to uni for the experience, I personally think degree’s aren’t all that).

I applied for a million jobs. Okay, that’s a little over dramatic but I applied for so many. I had a folder in my laptop dedicated to every single personalized application, cover letter and CV that I sent out. I was spending hours stressing and planning for jobs I knew I didn’t want because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

Meanwhile, I was stacking shelves at Asda as I had done since I was sixteen whilst I was studying (BTW. let me tell you now, it’s the shittest company to work for). It was fine working there whilst I was studying because to be honest I didn’t really do much anyway. But then I graduated and all my friends left, and then managers and colleagues who hated being there as much as me told me “Oh, you’ll be here forever.” Nasty twats. I knew I wouldn’t be, but to hear that whilst also being rejected from jobs, really brought me down for a while.

Then, I also dated a knob head who put me down a lot for still working in a supermarket (this was two weeks after I’d graduated). Let’s just say things didn’t work out with that gobshite.

So there I was, a graduate with no idea what I wanted to do, buried in debt and stacking shelves in a shop I wanted to burn down. Then, as if by magic, I stumbled across the job that I have now. It wasn’t a graduate job but when reading the job description it fitted me perfectly. It’s a role in a online fashion company – something I’m a lot more passionate about than bangers and mash ready meals and the company that hired me are lovely and reward hard work.

And you know what’s funny? I didn’t prepare at all for the interview. At that stage I was half “this job is made for me” and half “if I don’t get this, I don’t want to have wasted more hours planning and preparing for it”. Luckily, I got it.

By the way, I’m not saying that I’ve miraculously landed my dream job. This current role isn’t, but it’s got me to a place where I’m happier and in a job role that’s more similar to what I think I may want to do in the future.

So, whilst I’ve been AWOL from blogging I’ve been settling into my new job. It’s crazy how much your life can change in a month, as cliche as that is. I was so down on myself for hating my old job and constantly being rejected from jobs I didn’t even want. Now, I love my job with my lovely colleagues and I’ve now got a car (and my independence) back and I’ve joined the gym – though we’ll see how that goes…

Overall, I’m saying don’t lose faith in yourself. Back yourself – as Chris from Love Island once said. And don’t waste minutes, hours, days of your life stressing about jobs that you don’t want and what other people think of what you’re currently doing. Something will come along in the end.



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