Can you blog without being on Instagram?*

So, I’m finally back writing again.

My New Years resolution (among many other things) was to write every Sunday, which quite clearly I didn’t stick to but hey-ho, here I am now.

One of the reasons I have been so hesitant to start writing again was due to my massive conflict over Instagram.

When I started this blog, I started a new Instagram account too – one that I kept private from my friends and family on my usual Instagram account. This wasn’t because I was posting nudes (I’d need to be sticking to my new years resolution of not eating constant shite to be throwing nudes about). To be honest, I think I didn’t tell anyone because 1) it’s cringe people seeing what you’ve wrote, especially if you’re one of the poor gobshites I’ve dated, 2) even back then, I knew people would be like “why do you need a separate Instagram account?” and 3) because it wasn’t “me”.

I’m 100% not an Insta-blogger. I’ve trialed it and it’s just not for me.

I can’t be fucked taking pics of the one healthy meal I have a week. I really can’t be fucked pretending that my makeup is all arranged perfectly when in reality, when I put my slap on my room ends up a bomb site. On a day to day basis I don’t dress in my finest clothes that are worthy of being uploaded for the Insta fashion bloggers to approve or scroll on past. On a day to day basis, I do fuck all edgy and unusual for a 22 year old with a full time job, so unless I want to share images of me at my work desk, watching Big Brother (let’s just say Love Island can’t come back quick enough), napping, or (not this is an extremely rare occasion) me at the gym – I can’t have a constant feed of inspiring images. At one point, I was sprinkling fucking plastic gems over my makeup to make them look insta worthy – what the fuck. And despite buying my sister a decent camera for Christmas, I really can’t be fucked asking her to take my picture every time we step out the house looking for that perfect fucking candid.

It’s draining and it’s just not me.

The only reason I set up a new Instagram was because I thought it would generate more followers to my actual blog. It somewhat did – I’ve got more followers on there than I have on my personal Instagram. Do those extra followers engage like my actual friends and family do? No. Do they probably even read what I write? Again, no. More importantly, does having more followers on that Instagram make me a better writer? Definitely not.

I love writing, not taking shit photos of the one nice outfit I wear a week. This isn’t to take away from the girls who are Insta-bloggers, there’s a million and one blogs I’ve since found from girls who take amazing photos and dedicate a lot of their time to these images – I just can’t be fucked with it. I love writing, I am passionate (vom at the cliche) about writing, not painfully posed plandids*.

So, it’s likely I’ll be heading back to my OG Insta account, where I don’t need to use 30 hashtags to get 80 likes and where my captions are much better because I’m not spending four hours questioning what emoji to use**. I already feel relieved to no longer be spending time stressing about which photo to upload next. Also, to no longer comparing myself to Insta bloggers because ultimately, “you can’t compete where you don’t compare”- that’s no shade FYI, I’m just simply not that style of blogger. And that’s okay.

*I fucking hope so.

**I 100% do love a selfie though. I will never stop being a vain bitch x

***insert eye roll emoji here.


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