10 things you learn at uni (that have nothing to do with your course)

Some people were raised in a barn in every single sense of that saying. They'll leave their bedroom door open 24/7 leaving you to witness sights no one should have to, they'll chew with their mouths open and they'll leave their shit everywhere. Sometimes you'll reckon it would be easier to live with an actual animal. The … Continue reading 10 things you learn at uni (that have nothing to do with your course)

The Best Things About Being a Fresher

Whilst you most definitely won't get your 9k worth of tuition (in case I haven't mentioned before, university is ridiculously overpriced - 9/10 you'll end up teaching yourself your modules), you'll 100% get your money's worth in experience when you go to university. Here's a somewhat brief list of the best things to expect when you flee the nest and get thrown head first into student life...

Dating Probs: Chapter 2

I went on a gals night out a while back (cue a million selfies and boomerangs of cocktail glasses clinking together...) when I bumped into a guy I vaguely knew from college who had messaged me a couple of times. I was drunk, shock horror, but thought he was good looking, funny and he plied me with even more alcohol - always a winner in my book...

Why university is an archaic and retrograding trend

Students often begin university overlooking the fact that many of them are getting into around £30,000 of debt because they believe that once they are done posting photos on social media of them throwing their cap on graduation day, a graduate employer will be waiting in the wings to hire them with a starting salary of at least £22,000.